How can we divide the various types of helmets?


Helmets can be gathered in various brands depending on its shape, the material used in the manufacture of the exterior shell, its usage, homologation and finally depending on its price. If we look at the shapes, there are three types of shells: the FULL FACE shell, the OPEN FACE (JET type) one and also the MODULAR shell. All of them manufactured in thermoplastic or in composites (fibre). Depending on its own characteristics, helmets will be divided in two brands, those that will be used on the road or those ones that will be used in all off-road riding, as the MX helmets. All NEXX helmets hold ECE 22-05 homologation. Relatively to the prices, as in all products, there are lower prices (plastic helmets) and higher prices (composites - fibre helmets).


How can I wash my helmet?


In order to clean your helmet, you should only use water and soap or another product exclusively recommended by the manufacturer. If your helmet has a completely detachable and washable lining, use exactly the same technique. Let it dry naturally and don't twist the pieces.


When should I change my helmets visor?


As soon as the scratches in your visor no longer allow good visibility, you should change your helmet's visor. A scratched visor might become dangerous at night, due to the light coming from the others drivers.


Does a more expensive helmet mean greater security?


Not always a more expensive helmet warrants a greater security. All helmets that respect the ECE 22-05 standard, which is the case with NEXX, have the minimum-security guarantee. The different prices are explained by the materials used and the quality of manufacture as well as the cost of advertising/sponsorship associated with individual brands. Anyway, a Carbon or tri-composite helmet will always be safer and more secure than a plastic helmet.


How may I personalise my helmet with stickers?


If your helmet is made of plastic, it is not advisable. Most of the stickers' manufactures use glue made of solvents, which might damage your helmet's structure. In the case of NEXX helmets, there are no problems in personalising your helmet.